Fabrizio Pavolucci

Fabrizio Pavolucci


Been Born in Rimini, Italy 15/9/76

From 1999 to 2003 he frequents the school of sketch and painting "UMBERTO Folli" managed by Enzo Berardi to Miramare in Rimini,
where he learns the techniques of the sketch from the truth and of the chiaroscuro, of the carboncino and of the crayon, up to the painting to oil. He was introduced to the knowledge of the incision on plate of zinc, deepening then some aspects of it in a kept progress to Urbino in September 2005 and managed by the teacher Rossano Guerra.
Between December 2006 and February 2007 he participates in the realization of a fresco planned by the teacher Liliana Quadrelli for the hospital in Rimini.
As assistant collaborates to besides the scenes in the theatrical shows "Campanilismi" and "Equilibr?" of the "the Charlatans' Company" of Rimini.

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