Elisabetta Fontana

Elisabetta Fontana


Elisabetta Fontana was born in Parma in 1965, where she still lives and works.
She has known how to use her artistic sense also in the profession as imagine consulent and nail artist.
since she was young she discovered her art and painting passion.

In 2008 she becomes a member of Belle Arti Lab of Parma and B.Brecht circle of Milano.

Self-taught artist, by painting she expresses in a coherent way her sensations and emotions. She uses painting as a personal research to give a sense to the life, following the unconscious and trying to give an identity to all the material.

Because of life priorities, she has never decided to "make seriously", all that because her works are part of her deep and hidden feelings, and for this reason protected as a precious property.

After 20 years of activities, just in 2006 she feels the need to communicate her love for art and to share this emotional world through the material expression blended with colour and sometimes an aggressive way to find out an interior revenge with herself, almost removing the art made of noise and big words.

Then it starts a new period of her life exposing herself with her works plunged into a world that has always belonged to her in the deep.
Her depicts talk about her, they are her soul expression where we can observe the alternation of suffer, sadness and happiness.

Her works are unique moments fixed on canvas which materialize themselves in the moment her soul becomes free.

Her works are exposed in private and public collections.

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