Davide Zamberlan

Davide Zamberlan


I was born on february 26th 1975 in Vicenza, Italy and currently residing in that same place. I began to drawing illus ?n? comics when attended the artistic grammar school.
In March 1999, after the diploma, I attended a course of graphic design at the Institute Callegari di Bassano.
I have worked like graphic designer and occasionally illustrator for the PubliAdige, concessionaire of publicity of the Newspaper of Vicenza, for the Ass. Culturale ARCI Vicenza, the Advertising & Comunication srl and Agenda srl.
At the same time I have always carried out activity of illustrator freelance.
I making, for example, the new mascotte ?Sisolo? for the advertise of supermarkets SISA (Agenda/River), the mascotte for ET - Entertainment Tecnology MAGAZINE (GW Network), the illustrations for manifesto of Fera dl' Arlev 2006, illustrations for the products and gadgets of AMC S.p.A., the mascotte and logo for the cultural manifestation Fumetti in TV (Treviso)..
Classified and/or winner to varied competitions of illustration and comic strip, I have published for the Center Comic strip Andrea Pazienza, the Kappa Editions, the Lilliput, Nicola Pesce Editore, Tunu?, Freebooks, the insert of the Unit?: Emme.

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