Daniela Ballestra

Daniela Ballestra


Curriculum vitae
Daniela Ballestra
I?m Daniela Ballestra italian illustrator, I attended Magistral High school in 1985.
In 1991 I have attended illustration course in ?International Comics Design School? for two years in Rome.
Then I attended the following stages:

- In 1995, illustration stage in Venice, teacher Lisabeth Zwerger illustrator, ( ?Teatr?o? illustrator school)
- In 1998 watercolour stage,teacher Arcadio Lobato illustrator in ?Sarm?de summer illustration school?
- In 2000 acrilic stage teacher Linda Wolfsgruber in ?Sarm?de illustration summer school?

- In 2003 and 2004 acrilic, collage and watercoulor in summer illustration school called ? Fables Factory? in Macerata


- In 1995 I published my illustrations in ?Illustrator Annual Catalogue? for Illustrator Company in Milan
- In 1998 my illustration intitled ? Red Squirrels? had been selected in exhibition naturalistic illustration by ?Sibillini Park Company?
- In 1999 I had been selected for the catalogue and the exhibition with a illustrated tale intitled
? Wings of smoke? in Bordano (UD) italian illustrator competition.

- In 2000 I showed two illustrations in illustration competition called ?Fantas?a? in Bari and in Illustration competition "Stephan Zavrél" in 1999 /2001/2003

- In 2000 I show my illustration intitled "The Ogre" in Sarmède exhibition among school students sector.

- In 2001 I had selected at the ?Gutenberg Plan?italian national exhibition with a illustrated tale, and in national exhibition called ? Golden little shoe?
In 2002 I had a Honourable Mention in Bordano exhibition for the illustrated tale: ? The moon and the lake? So In 2004 I had selected in two famous international illustrator competition: ?Little golden shoe? and ? Stephan Zavrel Prize?
On July 2005 I was illustration teacher for workshop? We illustrate a fable? about ?International Festival Children Theatre in Porto Sant'Elpidio city
-In 20

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