Monika Elżbieta Rzonca

Monika Elżbieta Rzonca


Monika Elzbieta Rzonca
OBJECTIVE Contract-to-hire position, independent contractor

Institute of Art, Internal Designing, Rome 2004-2008

Professional College of Business, Department of Marketing and Management, Krakow 1998-2001
Public High School of Fine Arts, Majored in Exposition, Wroclaw 1992-1997

?Little Sculpture? Award received on the 50th Anniversary of the Second World War, 1995
Silk hand-painting, Wroclaw 1995
Photo Exhibition ?Black and White?, Wroclaw 1996
Exterior Group Painting, Venice, Verona, Trieste 1997
?All-ga? Publishing House, Krakow 1998-1999
- Providing book illustrations
?Vital-Auto? Sign company, Krakow 1999-2000
-making vinyl signs and any other advertising graphic projects, 3D forms as lettering, expo show preparation
School of Advertising, Krakow 2001-2002
- President?s assistant
?Vital-Auto? Sign Co., Krakow 2001-2003
- advertising specialist
?Satire and Advertisement in the World of Graphic Art? Jury Award received from
Andrzej Mleczko and provided by Ford Company, Krakow 2003
?Shishiri? Association, Rome 2004
- Designing projects of leaflet and invitation paper due to inauguration of the theatre play ?Va bene?come dici tu? under the direction of Tonino Zagardi
Galleria Nazionale dell? Arte Contemporanea di Roma, Rome Feb. ? May 2007
- Collaboration with an architect Federico Lardera
- Designing and implementing project for an exposition of Arturo Martini sculptures
?Shopping Bag Art? Group Exposition, Rome 2008
- Designing projects of artistic utility forms
?Aqueforti? Group Exposition, Formello 21st of June ? 7th of July 2008
Neoartgallery Graphic Group Exposition, Rome June 2008
Rome Gallery, Rome June 2008
- private exposition of paintings and photography
Fiera D?Arte, Istambul Oct. 2008
- Graphic Group Exposition

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